Faux Rocks

Amazingly realistic rocks

What it is

If you’ve ever been to a zoo, world-class hotel pool, or commercial facility, chances are you’ve seen an artificial rock waterfall, pond or rock wall.

Artificial rocks, sometimes known as fake rock or faux rock are being constructed around the world using lightweight, durable and environmentally harmonious products.

Construction of artificial rock can present very unique ideas, expressed in rock. The number of designs, styles and colors are only as limited as the imagination.

Creating the most realistic artificial rocks requires a true artistic touch. Artificial rocks are designed to resemble natural stone or rock, but without the high transit cost, maintenance and depletion of natural resources.

Base price:

  • $2,499 Small fire pit

  • $5,499 Seat wall with planter

  • $7,499 Custom Grill Island

  • $8,499+ Custom waterfalls

  • $10,499+ Large Custom Builds